January 12, 2018


Read – Nehemiah 6

What does it say?
Nehemiah’s enemies unsuccessfully tried to lure him away from his work and into harm. The surrounding nations became afraid when the wall was completed in 52 days.

What does it mean?
Sanballat and company had failed to stop the building of the wall, so they turned their attention to weakening or removing Nehemiah’s influence over the people of Jerusalem. Through repeated attempts they tried to discredit him and even threatened his life. Because Nehemiah was confident of the great work God had called him to do, he didn’t get distracted, try to defend his reputation, or run and hide. Instead, he stayed focused on the task at hand. God continually gave Nehemiah determination and discernment to see through their deceptive schemes.

How should I respond?
Satan will continually oppose anyone doing a great work for God. If he can discourage or discredit you, then the entire project is at risk. What “great work” has God given you to do? Raise children? Lead a class or ministry within your church? Don’t let fear or intimidation distract you from your God-given task. Like Nehemiah, be confident in the work God has given you to do and stay committed to its completion. Ask God for the discernment and resolve to go on with your work, regardless of the opposition you face.|Further Reading: Nehemiah 7