September 17, 2020


Read – 1 Kings 7:13-14;40-51

What does it say?
Solomon finished the temple with the help of Huram.

What does it mean?
In his wisdom, Solomon knew that people of various skills and abilities were needed to build the temple. This passage specifically mentions Huram, who was very skilled in working with bronze. He was able to make pillars, basins, wheels, altars and much more – all on a very large scale. It was a monumental task, but thanks to Solomon’s wisdom and Huram’s willingness to use his talent, the Lord’s temple was completed beautifully.

How should I respond?
Each of us has been given unique skills and abilities that that can be used for God in some way. It takes all types of people and all types of abilities to keep a church functioning properly. Maybe, like Huram, you know exactly what you do well. Good! How are you using that ability for Christ? Talk to family and friends if you’re not sure about your strengths; they can probably point out the areas in which you excel. Ask God to help you see your gifting, and then connect with your church office. Your pastor or ministry director would love to brainstorm ways to honor God and further His kingdom through your skills.|For further reading, 1 Kings 7:15-39.