Week 20: Why should I worship God?

We learned last week that real worship is loving God with all that we are, and that it’s the most important thing we can ever do. That brings up a big question. Why should we worship the God of the Bible instead of gods we hear about in other religions?

Be ready to read the following passages:

Let’s start it.

Take turns saying one true statement and one false statement about yourself. Have the other members of the family guess which is true and which is false.

Let’s learn it.

Have you ever taken a “true or false” test? The false statements are sometimes easy to spot because they are so silly. Well, that’s exactly what God’s people – the Israelites – should have seen about giving their worship to anyone or anything other than the Lord. The first answer to the question, “Why should we worship God?” is found in the Ten Commandments. The Lord wanted the Israelites to worship Him alone as the One true God. Go to Exodus 20:2-7 in your Bibles and have a family member read what God expected of His people.

The first three commandments instructed the Israelites to stay away from the gods and idols that other nations worshipped. These so-called “gods” were not real gods at all. They were false. The Lord gave His people a purpose – to recognize Him as the One and only God. Of course that meant worshipping Him the way the only true God deserves to be worshipped and using His name only in an honorable way.

God designed us to recognize who He is so we can have a relationship with Him. Anything that turns your attention and affection away from God and His Word has become like a false god in your life. God’s instructions in the first three commandments teach us to worship Him alone and to treat His name with the respect that it deserves.

Scripture also says that God deserves to be worshipped because He is holy and has power over everything He created. Take a look at the amazing vision of worship that John saw in Revelation 4:1-11. The book of Revelation looks into the future. Even though the events haven’t happened yet, we know they are true because God put them in His Word. One day, the whole world will recognize that God is the only true God. Chapters 4 and 5 of Revelation give an awesome description of the worship that will take place around His heavenly throne when God’s people and all of creation worship Him together.

The God of the Bible is the Creator of everyone and everything that exists. No one created Him or has power over Him. God is eternal, which means that He has always been and always will be. Every other so-called “god” is false. Worshiping the Lord as the One true God is the reason we exist and is the one thing we will do forever in Heaven.

Let’s discuss it.

  1. Ask each person to make a true statement about God. What false beliefs about God have you heard?
  2. How do those true and false beliefs affect a person’s worship of the Lord?
  3. What do you think you would do if you saw God in all of His glory, as John described in Revelation 4?

Let’s do it.

God created us with the desire to worship, but if you have false beliefs, you’ll worship something or someone other than the only true God. Each person has to choose whether he or she will give the Lord the worship He deserves. Is your worship true or false? Ask God to show you if another person or activity has become like a false god in your life. Talk about ways that your family can give God the devotion He deserves. True worship is centered around the Lord God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ. He is the One and only God.