Week 7: Genesis 13 – Abram and Lot Separate

Week 7: Genesis 13 – Abram and Lot Separate

As a family, read Genesis 13:5-18 together. Afterwards, share the following discussion.

What happened?

 Abram and his nephew, Lot were both very wealthy. They had flocks of sheep and goats, herds of cattle, and many tents. Unfortunately, the land could not support both Abram and Lot with all of their flocks and herds living so close together, so fights began to break out between their workers.

Finally, Abram suggested to Lot that they separate so that there would not be conflict between their workers. Abram gave Lot the opportunity to choose which part of the land he wanted, and then Abram would leave and settle in the other part.  Lot chose for himself the whole Jordan Valley to the east, and Abram settled in Canaan.

Why is this important to us, today?

After fights broke out between Abram and Lot’s workers, Abram recognized that a real conflict was beginning to develop, so he took the initiative in solving the dispute. He gave Lot the first choice, even though Abram, being older and probably wealthier, had the right to choose first. It was a real risk for Abram because Lot could have cheated him or left him with a part of the land that would not support his flocks and herds. But that didn’t matter to Abram. What mattered most to him was a family that loved and cared for one another. He didn’t want to fight with his family.

Family peace was so important to Abram that he took the initiative in resolving the conflict. He unselfishly gave Lot first choice—even if it meant not getting what he wanted or what seemed like the best. That’s not easy to do, but when we act unselfishly and trust God for the outcome, conflicts can be avoided and we can have peace in our home.

Spend a few minutes talking about what you just read by answering these questions together:

As a family, talk about why you think fights were breaking out among Abram’s and Lot’s workers. What was Abram’s response to the conflict? How did his response show faith in God?

How can we better follow God this week?

Conflict is a reality of life. There is no avoiding it. Sometimes conflicts happen inside our homes and among our families. That is why it is so important that we learn how to work it out when a conflict begins to develop.

With whom are you having a conflict? How can you act unselfishly in the situation? Take a few moments to pray together that family peace will be a priority in your home. Pray that each of you will learn how to work it out when conflicts arise.