April 7, 2021


Read – Proverbs 24:23-34

What does it say?
A wise man learned a lesson from the poor condition of the lazy man’s field: too much sleep and folding of the hands will lead to poverty.

What does it mean?
Several character traits emerge from today’s passage: justice, honesty, and diligence. Wisdom leads a person to strengthen and practice such godly characteristics through observation. The writer saw a man who neglected his fields; because the man allowed thorns and weeds to choke out his crop, he had no way to provide for his household. A wise person is able to learn from the mistakes of others so that he will not make the same mistakes himself. He also sees life lessons in the natural order of the world.

How should I respond?
If you’ve ever done a school science project, you know that there is a difference between seeing and observing. Observing includes watching carefully in order to arrive at a conclusion. Today’s Proverbs encourage us to gain wisdom from what we observe in nature and in the lives of others. Which character trait from today’s passage needs to be developed more fully in your life? Today, take notice of people who are either very strong or very weak in that trait. Look for the way God has demonstrated that attribute in nature. What lesson or warning can you take from your observations? Does someone else receive encouragement or a warning by observing you?