April 8, 2021


Read – Proverbs 25:1-10

What does it say?
A king should strive for a righteous reign, and his people should be careful in the way they relate to one another.

What does it mean?
Both the king and the people had a part in helping the kingdom to run smoothly. Solomon, as well as a future king, had the responsibility to know what was happening in his kingdom and to use that information with discernment. Removing wicked influences helped each king to rule righteously. Likewise, if the people avoided self-promotion, hasty court proceedings, and betrayals of trust, their relationships with one another would improve. A healthy community required less intervention from the king, allowing him to focus on important kingdom matters.

How should I respond?
If you are in a position of leadership, it makes sense to be the best leader possible. Following scriptural guidelines helps to ensure a successful “reign” in all you are doing. Ask God to give you discernment as you make decisions and communicate with those you lead. When you find yourself under someone else’s leadership, be willing to follow. How willingly do you take directions and maintain trust with others involved? Strife will only get in the way of fulfilling your purpose. How healthy is your leadership or “follow-ship” today? Determine to lead, follow, AND get out of the way.