August 2, 2020


Read – 1 Samuel 14:1-23

What does it say?
Jonathan and his armor bearer went secretly to the Philistine camp and struck down 20 men. The ensuing chaos strengthened the faith of Israel’s army as God did the impossible.

What does it mean?
Instead of retreating, Jonathan believed that if God wanted to defeat a large army with only a few, He could do it. Jonathan’s faith inspired his armor bearer who went with him. God did the impossible by enabling Jonathan to defeat 20 Philistines immediately. When news reached home, God’s people came out of hiding and headed into battle. The victory began with the faith of one man. Jonathan not only believed what God could do, he also demonstrated faith by taking action. That action was contagious, leading fewer than 3,000 men to defeat an army too large to number.

How should I respond?
God still does the impossible. Whatever your battle or whoever your enemy, God can enable you. But it takes faith, not in your own ability or strength, but faith in the One with infinite strength and resources. The truth is worth repeating: God can do the impossible. Maybe you feel alone in your family, at work, or at school. Would you be so bold as to face difficult or impossible circumstances, believing God for the victory? Perhaps you are the one that God wants to use to inspire faith in His people again. In what situation do you need to come out of hiding? Dream big. Trust big.