August 6, 2022


Read – Psalms 82, 83

What does it say?
God will preside as Judge over the earth. Asaph called on the Lord to not be silent or still, but to show Himself as the Lord Most High.

What does it mean?
These psalms indicate two threats to God’s people – one from within and one from without. The judges presiding over Israel oppressed the poor instead of administering justice, which shook the foundations of Jewish society from within. Psalm 83 shifts to a vast external threat – a coalition of nations seeking to wipe the name of Israel from the face of the earth. Both threats were of great concern to the psalmist, who prayed in great detail against each threat and pointed out God’s unique ability to save them. He alone can administer perfect justice and righteously rule over the world. Both psalms ultimately look to the day when Christ will return as Judge and King.

How should I respond?
The world we live in presents constant threats. Criminals steal our identity, corrupt leaders deprive us of justice, and terrorists rob our peace of mind. It can be hard to look forward with a sense of hope if your security is based on anything or anyone other than Christ. Only Jesus – the righteous Judge and King – can give you peace of mind as you face each day. How often do you take your personal concerns to the Lord in prayer? Praying specifically takes time, but God cares about each detail that burdens you. What threat to your peace of mind do you need to take to Him right now?