August 7, 2020


Read – 1 Samuel 17

What does it say?
After hearing Goliath’s blasphemous statements against the God of Israel, David volunteered to fight him one-on-one. Wearing no armor, David killed him on the battlefield.

What does it mean?
Saul’s army trembled in fear before the Philistine army and its champion, Goliath. From a human standpoint, this giant of a man seemed too big and powerful to defeat. David, however, saw Goliath from God’s point of view. He was angry that Goliath was getting away with blasphemy against the God of Israel – someone had to do something about it. So David responded in faith, believing His God was greater than any false god. He knew that the Lord would bring him victory.

How should I respond?
We all have things in our lives that seem like giants. The enormity of the problem can even cause us to doubt that there is a solution. When we look at our challenges from our point of view, it’s easy to give in to fear. The key is to remember the size of our God in comparison to the size of the struggle. Looking at the situation from God’s viewpoint will give you the courage to act in God’s power and strength. What is currently causing you fear? By giving those fears to the Lord, you can march forward in confidence – not in your own abilities, but in His.