August 8, 2020


Read – 1 Samuel 18

What does it say?
As David grew in popularity among the people, Saul became jealous. He attempted to take David’s life several times, but God was with David and protected him.

What does it mean?
This chapter depicts a stark contrast between the character and faith of two men. Saul was controlled by his emotions: jealousy and fear. David, on the other hand, displayed humble obedience to the Lord. What made the difference? God was with David but had left Saul. In the Old Testament, God’s Spirit did not indwell the hearts of believers as He does today. The Spirit of God would come upon men for periods of time and then leave. God’s Spirit stayed with David, protecting and guiding him, as he remained faithful to the Lord’s plan

How should I respond?
Becoming a follower of Christ does not mean you will not go through difficult times, but it does mean you will never go through them alone. As a follower of Christ, take hope in the fact that God is with you right now. He wants to enable and empower you if you will yield control to the Holy Spirit. What struggle are you in right now? Are you facing it in the power of the Holy Spirit or at the whim of your emotions? Will you, like David, humble yourself before the Lord? That decision will determine the quality of your character that emerges from the trial.