August 9, 2020


Read – 1 Samuel 19

What does it say?
Saul continued his pursuit to kill David. But with the help of Jonathan and Michal, David escaped and ran to Samuel in the city of Naioth.

What does it mean?
David had been driven from his home and the people he loved. Still, he remained faithful to God’s plan. By running to Samuel, the one who had anointed him king, David was seeking protection and guidance from the man of God. As king, Saul should have sought Samuel’s guidance as well. Instead, he was humbly brought to his knees and made to glorify God after pursuing David yet again. Saul should have heeded this as a warning that he did not have the ability to resist God’s will. It was becoming evident to all that God would protect His anointed king.

How should I respond?
Extended periods of suffering can cause us to doubt that God cares. Where do you run when things get difficult? Who helps you focus on God’s perspective? You can either seek godly wisdom or insist on handling the situation on your own. Will you heed the warning given to Saul? The result of putting yourself in opposition to God’s expressed will is usually humbling. It’s never too late to turn around and run to God. Remain faithful and read God’s Word for guidance. He sees your situation and cares immensely.