December 2, 2019


Read – Revelation 3

What does it say?
John recorded Jesus’ words to the churches in Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.

What does it mean?
The overarching theme in these messages has to do with the reputation of each church. Sardis has a reputation for being very alive, but the believers are weak and need to be strengthened. Philadelphia has a reputation for being weak, but the believers are faithful. Though Sardis’ weakness led to failure, Philadelphia’s weakness drove the faithful to God’s Word. Laodicea has the worst reputation of all. They claim to need nothing, but they are spiritual paupers. Only Philadelphia has a good reputation as a faithful witness to Christ, yet all three of the churches need to respond to Jesus’ message with repentance (as needed) and faithfulness, even in weakness.

How should I respond? |A good reputation can take a lifetime to build, but one wrong act can ruin it. Thomas Paine said, “Reputation is what people think of us; character is what God and angels know of us.” The only reputation that matters is what God thinks of you. He knows everything about you, even those things you like to keep hidden. In what ways are you weak and in need of renewing your strength in Christ? Do you think more highly of your spiritual status than you should? When you focus on building Christ-like character, others notice the change, and you naturally build a good reputation.