December 3, 2019


Read – Psalms 135-136

What does it say?
The psalmist called on Israel to praise the name of the Lord and give thanks to the God of Heaven. His love (mercy) endures forever.

What does it mean?
The writer could not contain the exaltation he felt at the thought of the magnificence of God. The Lord created all things and is sovereign over all. Thoughts of God’s wondrous character, His mighty acts of creation, and His miraculous deliverance, protection and care for Israel caused him to break into jubilant songs of praise and thanksgiving. He saw the utter foolishness of worshipping gods made by human hands. Israel served a compassionate, loving, merciful, and eternal God. The psalmist urged those around him to praise God for who He is and to give thanks for what He had done.

How should I respond?
God is blessed by your praise and thanksgiving. He does not need it, but He loves to hear it. Take a moment to contemplate who God is and what He has done for you personally. Do you, like the writer of these psalms, see the faithfulness of God as He has walked with you? What songs create a sense of awe, moving you to worship, praise, and glorify God? Sing those aloud during the week in your own time of praise at home or in your car. Today let your attitudes, words, and actions show your recognition of God’s magnificent character and gratitude for how He has worked in your life.