February 14, 2020


Read – Genesis 43

What does it say?
Jacob sent his sons on another trip to Egypt to buy grain. Judah knew their only hope would be to take Benjamin with them, so he guaranteed Benjamin’s safety to their father.

What does it mean?
The fact that Judah took personal responsibility for Benjamin’s safety was evidence that he had changed. It had been Judah who urged his brothers to sell Joseph (rather than kill him). Joseph put a plan in motion to see if they were truly repentant. From the time the men arrived at Joseph’s home, nothing was as they expected. They were treated as honored guests — not thieves — and we seating according to birth order. The household even seemed to know the God of Abraham (vv. 23, 29). When they left Jacob on their journey to Egypt, they could not have anticipated the feast that would be set before them. Who was this merciful and generous ‘governor’ of Egypt?

How should I respond?
Although this passage isn’t written about Jesus, there are parallels between Joseph’s relationship with his brothers and our relationship with Christ. He — knowing your heart of repentance for your deeds—forgives you freely and erases the transgression. He has gone to prepare a place for you (John 14:2) and will prepare a feast for you (Ps. 23:5). You will enjoy His presence forever (Rev. 21). God knows everything about you and loves you anyway. Have you bowed in recognition of the King of kings and Lord of lords?