February 21, 2020


Read – Genesis 49:29-50:14

What does it say?
After Jacob died, Joseph used his relationship with Pharaoh to carry out his father’s last instructions to be buried in Canaan with his fathers.

What does it mean?
Being at peace with God and having blessed his children, Jacob slipped into eternity to meet God face to face. Utilizing his authority with Pharaoh, Joseph and his brothers honored their father by burying Jacob according to his instructions. Joseph’s power as Prime Minister and his fame as the savior of Egypt called attention to the respect and honor he gave his father upon his death. The funeral procession into Canaan was a grand display and witness to the Canaanites—so much so that they renamed the land. Once again, Joseph’s actions pointed everyone around him to the God of his father, Israel.

How should I respond?
How you treat your family speaks volumes to those around you about the validity of your faith. Do you, like Joseph, treat your family with such honor and respect that it causes others to take notice? Find a way to show appreciation to your parents or grandparents for their provision, discipline, counsel or godly foundation for life. What tangible way can you demonstrate respect for your parents this week, whether they are living or deceased? What kind of family legacy are you leaving your children? The way you care for your aging parents is a model for your children. Follow Joseph’s example and point everyone around you to Jesus by demonstrating His love for those closest to you…your family.