February 23, 2021


Read – Proverbs 3:1-20

What does it say?
Trust in the Lord and accept His discipline. His wisdom and understanding are incomparable treasures that bring blessing, long life, honor, and peace.

What does it mean?
Solomon, again, tells his son that wisdom and fear of the Lord go hand in hand, urging him to go beyond reverence for the Lord to trust. Trust is more than simply acknowledging that God is capable of handling life’s issues; trusting with one’s whole heart requires acting upon that knowledge in faith. It means accepting the Lord’s correction because He has full knowledge of the situation and knows how to clear the path for His child’s best interest. Only then will one find true wisdom and understanding, which are more valuable than the greatest earthly treasures.

How should I respond?
With what situation has God been asking you to trust Him? How can you know if you’re trusting in the Lord’s wisdom rather than your own? First, ask Him to reveal any area where you’re not yielding to His correction; godly wisdom is the result of obedience. Next, acknowledge God’s authority over your life and humbly seek His direction before taking each step. Every time you choose to trust the Lord, your understanding of how He works increases, and He receives glory for the results. A life of trust will produce a wiser, more peaceful you. What could possibly be more valuable than that?