January 14, 2020


Read – Genesis 15

What does it say?
God understood when Abram expressed disappointment that he remained childless. The Lord again restated His will and covenant. He also foretold what the years would bring to the future nation.

What does it mean?
Abram and Sarai were distressed about their childless state. God reminded Abram that He was all he needed, but Abram’s response showed his discouragement that the promise of a child from God had not been fulfilled. As Abram poured out his distress, God re-affirmed His covenant, showing His constant care for Abram’s concerns and needs. God caused Abram to fall into a deep sleep, during which he had a vision of the future nation that would come from his offspring. God will fulfill His promise in His time.

How should I respond?
What are you currently waiting on God for? Has it been so long that it seems God has forgotten you? It is easy to think He has answered, ‘No’ when He may be saying, ‘Wait.’ During those times, being patient for God’s answer increases your faith. Like Abram, tell God exactly how you feel. He cares for you enormously and wants to meet your needs in His way and in His time. A deeper knowledge of His Word will always encourage you. Make a list of the verses that admonish you to ‘wait on the Lord’ and memorize them. He never changes, and His promises are true and constant. Continue to trust that God is working out His timeline in your circumstances. He will never fail you.