July 10, 2022


Read – Psalms 72

What does it say?
The King will judge the people, defend the afflicted, rule the nations, deliver the needy, and rescue the oppressed. His name will endure, and He will bless all nations.

What does it mean?
It’s thought that David wrote this psalm as a prayer for Solomon, Israel’s future king. He asked God to bless his son and the kingdom itself with divine righteousness and justice. The characteristics in David’s prayer describe a compassionate ruler who brings security and prosperity to the kingdom, even to the whole earth. Such a rule and such a kingdom would honor the Lord and result in praise to God. As wise and wealthy as Solomon became, he could never live up to the ideal leader described in his father’s prayer. Only David’s greater Son, Jesus, will fulfill this prophecy of God’s appointed just and righteous King. During Jesus’ first coming, He cared for the poor, the needy, and the oppressed. He will return to powerfully deliver His followers and to rule the earth, causing all people in every nation to praise His glorious name.

How should I respond?
How have you experienced the compassion of Christ? Has He shown you mercy when you were in need or defended you when you were weak? Jesus comes to us with kindness and compassion, able to rescue and to give support. If we’ve received His mercy, then we should also show it. Few people will turn away an act of kindness. How can you help someone this week? What we can do, we ought to do. Today, rest in the justice of our King, and share His mercy and compassion with someone else.