July 13, 2020


Read – Judges 21

What does it say?
Four hundred virgins from Jabesh Gilead were given to the surviving Benjamites as wives. Those without wives carried off girls from Shiloh to the land of their inheritance.

What does it mean?
In order to understand the events of this chapter, one must read the end first (v25). The men of Israel used their own logic and reasoning to solve the challenge with the Benjamites. Even their sacrifices and offerings were more ritualistic than truly seeking guidance from the Lord. A Canaanite version of Israel had been developing. By the end of Judges, the men of Israel repeatedly exerted power rather than responsibility. Their treatment of women in this passage was no better than the actions against the concubine that started the war in the first place. The inhabitants of Canaan were no longer the biggest threat to God’s people – Israel was rotting from within.

How should I respond?
As Christians, we are often our own worst enemy. We can become so comfortable going through the motions of religion while dabbling in worldly temptations that we don’t realize how far we’ve moved from God Himself. Think back through the challenges you faced this week. How have your thoughts about those issues been affected by unbiblical views in the world? How might you have used your own reasoning to find a solution? Following Christ in a spiritually dark world requires constant communication with God – through both prayer and Scripture. Which version of yourself is being developed?