July 21, 2022


Read – 1 Corinthians 12

What does it say?
Paul compared the body of Christ, the church, to the human body. Both are made up of many members with vital roles.

What does it mean?
The Holy Spirit gives every believer at least one spiritual gift at the point of salvation. There are many gifts serving different purposes. Each follower of Christ needs to contribute his or her gift(s) in order for the church to function properly. Parts of the human body must work in harmony for a person to be healthy and function properly. The same is true for the body of Christ. There is disunity when one member develops pride over his or her gift or is envious of what another can do. Since God distributes the gifts, they are for His use and His glory.

How should I respond?
Your church needs the specific gifts and abilities God gave you at salvation. You can trust the Holy Spirit to empower you as you use your gifts to minister to others. What are your spiritual gifts, and how are you contributing them to your local church? If you’re not sure, contact your ministry director and ask for a spiritual gift test. They will be thrilled to help you discover your gifts and share ways you can use them to produce spiritual fruit, to share the gospel, and to glorify Christ. The church body can’t function properly without you!