July 22, 2019


Read – 1 Corinthians 13

What does it say?
Spiritual gifts are useless if not used in love.

What does it mean?
No other passage of Scripture gives a more complete picture of the perfect, unending nature of Christ-like love (agape). Such love is demonstrated through action rather than simply felt as an emotion. Paul contends that love demonstrated this way prevents the misuse of spiritual gifts. How each gift is used is more important than what the gift is. If believers grab hold of this truth, they are able to love perfectly, as Jesus did. After Christ’s return when all other gifts are no longer needed, love will be the permanent disposition of God’s people.

How should I respond?
Which descriptions of love in this passage are true of you? Where are you falling short? It’s easy to read this famous chapter and feel inadequate if you’re trying to muster up the emotions or attitudes yourself. As you allow the Holy Spirit to control the use of your spiritual gift(s), God’s perfect love will be demonstrated through your thoughts and actions. How you demonstrate love in your life depends completely on where you find it. Have you found true love in Jesus Christ? If so, the people who come across your path today should receive a living demonstration of God’s love through you.