July 23, 2022


Read – Psalms 76, 77

What does it say?
Asaph declared the greatness of God, who saved Israel from her enemies. Remembering the Lord’s deeds, he asked God to once again be merciful to Israel.

What does it mean?
Whether in good times or bad, Asaph turned to God in prayer, praising His works and His character. In Psalm 76 Asaph celebrated God’s greatness after the devastation of the enemy’s army, which was likely the defeat of the Assyrians in which no Israelite had to lift a sword (2 Chron. 32:16-23). In Psalm 77 Asaph felt as if the Lord had forgotten them altogether. During a sleepless night, he turned his thoughts to God’s previous deliverance. Clearing his mind of the current dilemma and focusing on the greatness of God brought comfort. His circumstances had changed, but his God had not.

How should I respond?
Today’s psalms reflect the reality of life – everyone experiences peaks and valleys. Life will feel like a roller coaster if your outlook is tied to your emotions. When everything around you is in flux, Jesus remains the never changing, never moving anchor for your soul. Are you currently experiencing good times and calm days? Then pray and praise the Lord. Are you going through dark, sleepless nights? Then pray and allow God’s presence and previous provision to comfort your heart and mind. He has come through before, and He is able to do it again. Praise the Lord!