July 27, 2020


Read – 1 Samuel 9

What does it say?
God heard Israel’s cries for help from the Philistines and revealed to Samuel that Saul would be their first king.

What does it mean?
Israel was in distress, and God had a plan to rescue the nation from the Philistines. Saul had no idea he was part of this plan or that he would be the first king. Saul was not looking for a crown – he was only looking for lost donkeys. The journey to reclaim these donkeys turned into a meeting with God’s prophet, an appointment to kingship, and the responsibility to rescue Israel from her enemies. Israel had rebelled against God by desiring a king. Even so, He was faithful. God was going to use Saul to save Israel and bring her back to Himself.

How should I respond?
Regardless of how inconsistent we may be in our commitment to God, He is steady, persistent, and compassionate. He cares about you all of the time – when you are seeking Him and when you are not. In your darkest moments and in your greatest achievements, He is committed to you. Because of His great love, you can have confidence in the fact that God hears you. He is both willing and able to help you. Take a moment to reflect on these attributes of God. How has God revealed His commitment to you recently?