July 4, 2022


Read – Romans 15

What does it say?
Scripture was written to teach endurance and encourage hope. The promises given to the patriarchs confirmed that Gentiles would also believe in the Lord through faith.

What does it mean?
Throughout this passage Paul discussed the purpose and blessings of studying the Scriptures. He found comfort by reading how God had helped people of faith in the past. The reader is like a cup filled with joy, peace, hope, goodness, and knowledge. The purpose of these blessings is to teach and encourage one another in the power of the Holy Spirit. Since God had originally given the Scriptures to the Jews, the Gentiles had a duty to minister to the Jewish people in material ways in response to the spiritual blessings they had received from Israel.

How should I respond?
Believers have a responsibility to help those who provide spiritual teaching. What comfort or blessing have you received from studying the Bible? Who is benefiting from what you’ve learned in Scripture this week? God wants to fill you to overflowing so you can splash out onto others. Your church is filled with opportunities to teach children, mentor new Christians, or take part in a group. Whom has God used to teach and grow you spiritually? Look for a way to intentionally bless them this week. As a believer, you have a responsibility to be part of God’s work. Who is in your splash zone?