July 8, 2022


Read – 1 Corinthians 3

What does it say?
Paul addressed the worldly nature of the Corinthian church. Every believer’s service for Christ will be tested one day.

What does it mean?
The Corinthian church lacked godly wisdom, which kept them spiritually immature and worldly. They were still baby Christians and could handle only the basic teachings of faith. Paul warned them by painting a word picture of Christ as a foundation, laid at salvation. From that point the believer’s life is like a building continually under construction. The quality of the materials used to build will be tested when Jesus judges the lifework of each Christian. If “work” is to stand the test and receive reward, it must be done in the wisdom of God by the power of the Holy Spirit.

How should I respond?
What have you done this week that will last for eternity? Every work done in your home, school, church, and community is either temporal or eternal. Things done with the wrong motivation or in your own strength won’t last. The key is to invest in people, not things. Put your structure to the test now by asking: Is Christ my foundation? Do I allow the Holy Spirit to initiate and enable my thoughts and actions? What work am I doing in my own strength and wisdom? God is not as concerned with how much you build as with what sort you build.