June 10, 2019


Read – Acts 27

What does it say?
A hurricane battered Paul’s ship, but an angel told him that everyone on board would live. He encouraged the men to eat, the ship ran aground, and the men swam ashore.

What does it mean?
God’s purpose for Paul remained the same; he was going to testify of the risen Christ in Rome, but the journey to get there was fraught with peril. He was steady throughout the terrifying crisis because he personally experienced God’s reassuring presence in private, which made him confident when talking with others on board that God could and would keep His word. The Holy Spirit gave Paul the right words at the right time. His unwavering faith offered a powerful witness. When every last man on board reached the beach safely, just as the angel said, they knew that Paul’s God was indeed the Lord.

How should I respond?
Nothing brings out our true character more than a sudden emergency. What’s inside of us tends to come pouring out when things spiral out of control. In high stress moments do you panic or pray? You don’t have to be overwhelmed with worry. God wants to lead and comfort you by the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. It’s difficult to offer comfort when you’re consumed with fear yourself. A calm demeanor will help you make sound decisions, encourage others, and open doors to talk about your faith. Spending time alone with God today will help prepare you to look faithfully to Him in tomorrow’s crisis.