June 11, 2019


Read – Psalms 60

What does it say?
David asked God to restore His people and give them aid against their enemies.

What does it mean?
While David and Joab were fighting two enemies in the north, Edom saw the opportunity to invade Judah from the south (2 Sam. 8; 1 Chron. 18). They were defending God’s people and securing the land He had promised to Abraham’s descendants, so David was perplexed as to why God would allow them to suffer an unexpected attack in an area that seemed stable. In the midst of national disaster, David stopped to pray, calling on God’s love and sovereign control over the nations. This instructional psalm (miktam) and lament became part of Israel’s corporate worship as a reminder that God was their hope and defender whether they were facing defeat or experiencing victory.

How should I respond?
Faithfully serving Jesus does not make us immune to trouble. You may be on the front lines – volunteering at church and telling people about Christ – when you’re suddenly faced with a rebellious child or a huge financial setback. Instead of asking, “Why?” change your question to, “Who?” Who is your defender? Who will you turn to for hope? Trouble will continue to come as long as we live in this world, so don’t be alarmed or caught off guard. Take each new challenge to the Lord, who loves you and is in complete control. You can’t experience the thrill of victory without first facing the battle.