June 12, 2019


Read – Psalms 61

What does it say?
With a faint heart, David cried to God, his refuge. He prayed that God would increase the days of the king’s life, protecting him with faithfulness and love.

What does it mean?
God had answered David’s pleas to preserve his life against the treachery of his son Absalom. Now, Absalom was dead and the rebellion was over. David was relieved and grief-stricken at the same time. Far away from home and from the tent where God dwelt, He needed a solid foundation on which to land. The one thing that brought comfort was the thought of God’s presence. David knew that only the high priest could enter God’s presence in the Tabernacle once a year, yet he longed to live in the place where God’s glory dwelt and His mercy flowed to His people. As David anticipated his return to Jerusalem, he also looked forward to the day when he would live in God’s presence eternally, worshipping and serving the Lord in Heaven.

How should I respond?
We tend to take many things, and even certain people, for granted – especially if we have constant access to them. God’s continual, abiding presence is no exception. Because we live in the age after the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, we can live daily in the Lord’s presence. God not only hears our prayers, but His comfort, peace, and strength reside within each follower of Christ. Who do you want to be with the most when you’re distressed, heartbroken, or exhausted? Do you long for God presence during those times? Live today in grateful awareness that He is always with you. You have instant access to the Creator and Savior of the world; don’t take that for granted.