June 25, 2022


Read – Psalms 65

What does it say?
David praised God as the Provider of good things, including a harvest large enough to sustain His people.

What does it mean?
In this harvest psalm David thanked God for the redemptive work shown towards His people through specific acts: answering prayers, forgiving sin, producing joy and satisfaction, and extending protection and provision. David reminded Israel that God is able to accomplish these things because He is both powerful and merciful. God created mountains; He calms seas; He brings rain and waters the earth; and He causes a plentiful harvest. Every person is indebted to God for these blessings. God is the Savior and Sustainer of the world and deserves the praise and trust of all people.

How should I respond?
How do you react when your resources seem slim? Does anxiety become your way of life? When you find yourself worrying, turn your thoughts to what God has made and done. What we couldn’t do on our own, God provided by giving His most cherished possession – His only Son – by whose death and resurrection we are able to be children of God. The same God who is the Creator and ultimate authority over all that exists continues to provide for us. If He is able to do all these things, surely He is able to take care of your daily needs. Trust Him; He is capable and worthy. He will not fail.