June 27, 2020


Read – Judges 6

What does it say?
God spoke to Gideon through an angel. Gideon had been chosen to lead an army against the Midianites, who had been oppressing Israel for seven years.

What does it mean?
Gideon was the youngest child in his family, and his family was the least important in their tribe. It made no sense to Gideon that he, of all people, would be chosen by God to deliver Israel from the Midianites. However, God sometimes chooses the underdog to prove a point: it is God’s power, not the person’s, that defeats enemies. Gideon wanted to make absolutely sure that this message was actually coming from God, so he asked for a few signs, which God provided. So Gideon prepared for battle by first destroying an idol’s altar among his people.

How should I respond?
It’s intimidating to approach a task for which you feel under qualified. Whether it’s at work, home or in ministry, it’s important to know that our direction is coming from the Lord. So, how can you be certain God is calling you to accomplish something big for Him? Here are three answers. First, pray. Go straight to the Source, and ask God to help you learn to hear His calling. Second, keep reading the Bible. You will see patterns develop through which God often calls people to action. Third, ask people who know you and know God what they think about God’s calling in your life. They may see strengths where you have insecurities. Take the first step – God will take it with you!