June 30, 2020


Read – Judges 8:22-35

What does it say?
After refusing to be king, Gideon made a golden ephod from the Midianite plunder and set it up in his hometown. The Israelites there worshiped it as an idol.

What does it mean?
Even though Gideon refused the request to rule over Israel, he proceeded to live as if he were a king. We can’t be sure why Gideon decided to make the ephod from the Midianite gold and display it in his hometown. Whether it was to remember God’s deliverance or to exalt his own victory, the end result was the same. The ephod became a spiritual pitfall for Gideon, his family, and the children of Israel. God had allowed the Midianite oppression because of Israel’s unfaithfulness to Him. But after He delivered them, the Israelites quickly fell into the same sin and started worshiping idols again.

How should I respond?
Any success we have ultimately comes from the Lord. But when we don’t give God all of the credit for what He allows us to accomplish, we create an obstacle, not only for ourselves but for others as well. Ask yourself, “How might I be taking the glory for things God has done in my life?” How can you encourage others to praise and acknowledge God for what He has helped you to accomplish? Determine today to humble yourself before the Lord and look for an opportunity to give Him the glory He so rightly deserves.