May 22, 2020


Read – Deuteronomy 13

What does it say?
God’s expectation for dealing with idolatry is made clear. Those who encouraged the Israelites to worship pagan gods were to be stoned to death.

What does it mean?
The children of Israel knew well that idolatry was a violation of the First Commandment. Because of the serious danger of idolatry to the entire community, mere avoidance of the pagan religious practices was not enough. Every individual had personal responsibility to make sure that any form of idolatry was eliminated. God expected His people to confront and remove anything that detracted from worshipping Him – no matter the source.

How should I respond?
There is a world of difference between avoidance and elimination. Allowing anything that draws you away from God to remain in your life leaves the opportunity to be tempted by it. What things has the Lord prompted you to eliminate completely? Do certain entertainment choices cause sinful thoughts? Which friendships put you in situations displeasing to Christ? Resolve to remove any hindrance to your relationship with God or your worship of Him. Don’t delay – the time to act is now.