May 23, 2020


Read – Deuteronomy 14:22-15:19

What does it say?
God’s expectation for dealing with idolatry is made clear. Those who encouraged the Israelites to worship pagan gods were to be stoned to death.

What does it mean?
God’s financial plan for His people was defined by unbridled generosity. In the economy God created, the needs of every person were met in abundance. Giving was not just an expectation, but also the cornerstone of the nation’s financial practices. The poor were provided for and given the opportunity to prosper. Being soft-hearted would result in being openhanded with their wealth and possessions. And, unlike any other culture or civilization, ongoing debt was not allowed. God’s plan for financial prosperity was based upon His standard of perpetual and abundant generosity.

How should I respond?
Too often financial success, both personal and corporate, is measured solely on how much is acquired. For many, the concept of generosity is not an essential part of their lifestyle. But ask yourself: is this what God intended? His people were taught that prosperity and generosity were interwoven, not independent. Obstacles like debt can make prosperity and generosity seem an impossible ideal. How closely is your life aligned with God’s financial principles? How are you regularly practicing generosity? Determine today to make His standards the cornerstone of your financial life.|For further reading, Deuteronomy 14:1-21.