May 5, 2021


Read – Song of Solomon 1:12-2:6

What does it say?
Solomon saw the Shulamite maiden as a lily among thorns. She described his love as an apple tree and a banner.

What does it mean?
During the engagement period, there was a contrast between how the young maiden saw herself and how Solomon viewed her. Although she compared herself to a common flower, Solomon thought her to be the most beautiful of women. As he expressed his love, her insecurities began to fade. His open praise was like a military standard, announcing his love and protection. She safely rested in the shade and nourishment of his love, as if under an apple tree. Solomon’s praise of her beauty reassured her of his love and gave her a sense of security in their relationship.

How should I respond?
In the early stages of a relationship, we’re more likely to express our emotions. As time goes by, we can become complacent. Truthfully, we’re more prone to publicly criticize our spouse than openly praise him or her. No matter how long you’ve been together, your partner still needs to be reassured of your love and respect. How do your words contribute to your spouse’s personal and spiritual growth? If dating, is he or she a godly person who praises your qualities and encourages your goals? Words matter, especially to those we love the most. Speak words today that strengthen your relationship.