November 20, 2020


Read – 2 Chronicles 3

What does it say?
Solomon began to build the temple in the fourth year of his reign. The precise details give a glimpse of the temple’s magnificence.

What does it mean?
The temple site was Mount Moriah. This is the very place where God provided a ram when He tested Abraham’s faith by telling him to offer Isaac as a sacrifice. It was also the site of David’s sacrifice when God judged his disobedience. God knew the past and future significance of the location He chose for His dwelling place. It was also here, outside the walls of Jerusalem, that Jesus was crucified. Thousands participated in the building of Israel’s place of worship – not aware of God’s future plan to pour out His grace and mercy through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

How should I respond?
Today, God’s temple is not located in Jerusalem – His dwelling place is the heart of every person who follows Christ. Because God is holy, we cannot approach Him in our natural, sinful state. God poured out His love, mercy, and grace when Jesus died on the cross as the final sacrifice for sin. After His resurrection, His Holy Spirit lives inside those who receive Him. Have you claimed His sacrifice as your own? Just as God intricately planned the location and details of the temple, He has brought you to this moment in time. How will you allow the Lord to mold you – His temple – today?