November 22, 2020


Read – 2 Chronicles 5

What does it say?
The ark was placed in the inner sanctuary of the newly-completed temple. Solomon and the other leaders sacrificed and worshiped until God’s presence filled the temple.

What does it mean?
Solomon, who had more wealth than any other king in the history of Israel, poured his resources into the building and dedicating of the temple. Solomon spared no expense in worshiping God. Never before and never again would so many sheep and cattle be sacrificed in one place to worship God. As the songs of the singers, the music of the musicians, and the sacrifices of the congregation of Israel ascended into Heaven, God’s presence descended in the form of a cloud so thick that those in the temple were overwhelmed with His presence.

How should I respond?
We don’t have the wealth of King Solomon, but he did set a great example for us to follow as we approach God in worship. God doesn’t need our money, but as our Lord (which means “master”), He should have our all. Is there a possession that seems too valuable to give up in service to the Lord? Is there an item, activity, or time about which you would say, “God can have anything but this”? If something comes to mind, talk to Him about it. Choosing to dedicate it to His service will release its hold on you and make it more valuable at the same time.