November 8, 2019


Read – 1 Peter 1

What does it say?
God has given believers new life and a living hope in Christ, enabling them to live holy lives even in the midst of suffering.

What does it mean?
Peter wanted the believers scattered throughout the Roman Empire to be prepared for the persecution that was coming. He encouraged them to focus on their salvation and the inheritance waiting for them in Heaven. No matter what opposition or persecution they experienced, it was not without a purpose. God allows suffering to test, refine, and strengthen the faith of His people. The earthly pain was temporary, but their hope and future with Christ would be forever. Proven faith brings glory to God and enables His people to live godly lives in an ungodly world.

How should I respond?
God has given you the faith to believe Christ, and now He wants to develop your faith so that you will live for Christ. As you try to live for God, you realize that it’s not easy to put away the old way of life and “be holy” – to live as God intends you to live. The trials you face are designed by God to remove the slag of sins that contaminate your character. God’s enduring Word says that the testing of your faith is more precious than the refining of gold. Gold perishes. Faith remains. How are you responding to God’s refining process? Are you resisting or releasing?