November 9, 2019


Read – 1 Peter 2

What does it say?
The believer’s foundation is Christ, the living Stone. Believers should submit to God-ordained authorities.

What does it mean?
In Chapters 2 and 3, Peter explained one of the greatest principles of godly living – learning how to operate under authority. Responding with the right attitude to God-ordained authority as declared in His Word is an evidence of true faith. Jesus Christ who suffered unjustly is the believer’s example – He operated under total submission to His heavenly Father, the Righteous Judge. God works supernaturally on behalf of believers who respond with respectful attitudes to those He has placed over them.

How should I respond?
Every person has to live under some type of authority. The way you respond to that authority has a profound effect on your success and happiness in life. Ask God to show you how you need to change your attitude toward the authorities in your life. Then ask for His grace to respond with the right attitude to your authority. How will God’s Word affect your response this week to your parents, your teachers, or your employer? Be encouraged as you remember that an attitude of submission is an act of faith that pleases God (Matthew 8).