October 16, 2020


Read – 2 Kings 14:1-20

What does it say?
King Amaziah came to the throne of Judah. He obeyed the Lord in some things while rejecting God’s commands in others. He also engaged in war with Edom and Israel.

What does it mean?
Although Amaziah obeyed God in certain areas, he did not fully commit himself or the nation to the pursuit of faithfulness to God. As king of Judah, Amaziah had an opportunity to call the people back to obedience. Instead, Amaziah let pride move him into an unwise war with Israel. His loss in battle led to the loss of his throne and robbed him of the opportunity to bring Judah back to a right relationship with God. Amaziah’s personal failure to wholeheartedly obey the Lord affected every aspect of his rule.

How should I respond?
Partial obedience is usually the result of pride – we think we have a better way than God. We may be tempted to let victories over smaller things puff us up with pride. In essence, our actions say to God, “I’ve got this; I don’t need help.” Are there areas of your life you have taken control of? How might that control be connected to pride or partial obedience? Humbly seeking God’s wisdom and allowing Him to reshape your thinking through His Word will open the door for His blessing. Will you fully commit yourself to the Lord and allow Him to guide your decisions?|For further reading, 2 Kings 14:21-15:38