October 17, 2020


Read – 2 Kings 16

What does it say?
King Ahaz drew the people of Judah farther away from God. He ultimately desecrated the temple of God in order to appease the king of Assyria.

What does it mean?
King Ahaz had an opportunity to engage in battle against the Assyrians. Instead, he chose to subjugate himself and the people of Judah to the Assyrians in exchange for peace. Ahaz went so far as to replace the altar of the Lord with one similar to those used by the Assyrians for the worship of their gods. Rather than leading the people to be on their guard against pagan practices, Ahaz opened the temple doors to idol worship. Peace came at the cost of great compromise – altering their worship of the Lord in order to look more like the people around them.

How should I respond?
Have you tried to make peace with a sinful practice in your life? How might you have compromised God’s standards in order to fit in more with people at work, at school, or in your community? You may have justified your wrong behavior, feeling safe from its detrimental effects. However, sin is our enemy and must be fought through God’s Word in the power of His Spirit. Just as with Ahaz, the very sin you are nurturing will become the weight that pulls you away from God. God’s principles are not optional – success or failure is directly connected with how you follow them. Resolve today to yield to God’s Spirit and do battle with each sinful thought, attitude, and behavior.