October 18, 2020


Read – 2 Kings 17

What does it say?
Assyria took the people of Israel into captivity after Hoshea refused to pay the tribute to Shalmaneser and sought to engage in a treaty with Egypt against Syria.

What does it mean?
The Israelites continued to worship the gods of other nations, a sin that ultimately brought about captivity at the hands of the Assyrians. The people of Israel did not uphold their oath to serve God alone. He had clearly laid out His expectations for His people and the consequences for disobeying those commands. The Lord will not share worship of Him with anything or anyone else. Their history proved that when they obeyed and served the Lord, they were a mighty nation, reflecting the awesome power of their God. But because the idols they embraced were worthless – their worship became worthless.

How should I respond?
God takes sin seriously – not just because it pulls us away from serving and worshiping Him but because of the effect it has on our worth as His creation. Your life and character will reflect whatever you value the most. What other things have you set up as a “god” in your life? Perhaps you value and serve money, fame, or the admiration of peers. Excessive devotion to anything that is temporal will ultimately lead to some form of captivity. Greed, bitterness, frustration, and other negative attitudes rob us of the freedom we have in Christ. God alone is worthy of our devotion, service, and worship.