Following a God sized vision, again

Sergio Guardia

Revelation 7:9-10
Main idea: May your Kingdom be done on earth, as it is seen in Heaven.
God’s strategy is the body of Christ doing ministry together

God’s vision is UNITY IN DIVERSITY
Here God is showing us who He envisions on being in Heaven with Him. Every nation, all tribes, peoples and tongues from earth. The only color here is the blood of the Lamb, the only nation is the nation of the Lamb, we are all people of the Lamb. We were not part of his people, and he made His people, we were not part of His covenant, and He died to make us part of the New Covenant, we did not belong to His Heaven, but he made us citizens of the New Jerusalem. All of us are just sojourners on our way home.

When it comes to racial reconciliation, We need to take more than forward steps, we need to be a model for the world of what heaven would look like.

In Heaven, we will all be sinners forgiven by the same blood, called from a sin status to sons and daughters status, with the same citizenship given to us by the same King.

God’s vision is great, and the price to accomplish this vision had to be great.
This vision cost God the precious blood of Jesus. A price given to have a body of believers from every nation, tribe and tongue. God paid the Son’s blood to make it EVERY.

EVERY was expensive, and God paid it because it was important to him, thus, it should be important to us as well.

Let’s be part of making disciples that can become citizens of heaven. Let’s do our part to preach the Kingdom and to live out the culture of King Jesus’s kingdom.

Are we committed more to culture than Christ? Is it more important how people will perceive us than what the Bible is telling us to do?

How can we foster racial reconciliation? Dr. Tony Evans says this should be not the end in itself, It is a mean to a common cause.

The Kingdom is near, repent. We need to repent if we want reconciliation. Reconciliation cannot happen before repentance. Peace and unity cannot happen before reconciliation. We need to close the circle, in order to close the circle, we need to start the circle, and it starts with repentance. This is not a call to one race only, this is a calling to the church of Jesus Christ. When we have not lived to the standards God set, we need to repent.

What it would look if we do outreach together? What if several life groups would adopt a School in their area to minister? This would reach out diversity itself.
On a personal level. How many people have you mentored that is a different skin color than yours? That has a different background? We cannot force this, it has to be done in a natural way when we build the relationships

God’s vision done in His power
God is worshiped because of who He is and because of what He has done.
He deserves Glory, because He is the deliverer.
He deserves Honor and thanksgiving. Those are the marks of a grateful heart.
We praise him for His wisdom. He has a deliverance plan, he knows the way to go, He is the way.
We praise him for His strength. He is wise to come up with the better plan, and He has the strength to make it happen.

He brings his to people to his presence, and His presence is synonym of protection, provision and fellowship. In his presence they shall hunger no more, they shall thirst no more, no heat no more. He meets our greatest needs and he comforts from our deepest sorrows.

Meanwhile, we still suffer of heat or cold, hunger and thirst, of broken families, broken lives, and broken dreams. It is still a broken world. But, in the midst of a broken world, God provides HIS UNBREAKABLE PRESENCE.

I might cry, but he is my comfort
I might thirst, but he is living water
I might be hungry, but He is the bread of life
I might lose sight, but He is the light of the world

We cannot accomplish this great vision without depending on Him. As a church, we need to seek him. Not only we cannot do this as an individual, but, we cannot do this as a church without depending on God. We need to keep trusting Him, and follow Him on this God sized vision, and we need to do it together.