The Bible by Jesus

Elmer Towns
Jesus Describes Creation
“In the beginning I conceived the idea of heaven and the earth.  Then I created them out of nothing. Before that nothing existed.”
“I created My abode—heaven—where one day My children will live with Me. I also created My throne and angels who sing, “Holy . . . Holy . . . Holy!”
“I with My Father and the Holy Spirit, We created the earth, a huge watery mud ball.  I created a black-inky darkness that surrounded all things. God the Holy Spirit hovered over creation infusing all things with life-charged energy.”
“Let there be light, I said.  Instantly light appeared and I saw that light was good.  So I separated light from darkness and name the light day, and the darkness I called night. It was good.
Then evening ended the first day.
What if you could sit down with Jesus and let Him tell you His story how He was born, grew up, and how His life changed those around Him.  Jesus would love to tell you about His death and resurrection.
His story will change your life forever.
My motivation for this book is for you to learn how much Jesus loves and cares about your right where you are.  Learning from Him will make a lasting difference in your life.
From the beginning Jesus is called the Word.  So Jesus with the Father, and Holy Spirit, inspired human authors to write His messages in the Bible.  Inspiration means more than accuracy and content, it is God breathing His life into His Word. When you read, memorize and meditate, God’s life fills you . . . influences you . . . saves you . . . and will transform you.
1.  The Bible by Jesus is a first ever translation into the first person where Jesus talks to you as you read the Scriptures. “I am your Shepherd who takes care of your needs.  I will lead you into green meadows of life, where you can rest by peaceful waters.  I will restore your inner strength” (Ps. 23:1-2).
2. This new experience takes away spiritual blindness so you can see Jesus.
“No one asked who it was, for they all knew it was Me (Jesus). I served all of them breakfast” (John 21:12).
3. Listen, to learn from Jesus.  Don’t just memorize the plan of salvation or read events in the Bible.
“The two . . . told their story . . . how they met Me” (Luke 24:35).
4. This Bible motivates you to follow Jesus.
“As I walked by the Sea of Galilee, I saw fishermen . . . come be My disciples.  I’ll teach you how to catch people” (Mark 1:17).
5. Jesus explains the Scriptures to you.
“Then I began with Moses and taught My way through the prophets and explained to them all the passages in the Scriptures about Myself” (Luke 24:27).
6. Jesus gets you excited about Scripture.
“Did not our hearts burn as He talked to us on the road as He explained the Scriptures to us” (Luke 24:32).
7. Jesus moves you to dedicate your heart and body.
“Dedicate your body to My Father as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to Him.  This is the first and best spiritual worship you can give.  Let Me transform your thinking” (Rom. 12:1-2).
8 Jesus convicts you to see sin in your life and repent.
“I stooped to write with My finger on the ground.  ‘He who has not committed this self-same sin, let him cast the first stone.’ And being convicted by their own conscience, the eldest leader left first, eventually all” (John 8:6-9).
9. Converts. “Search the Scriptures, these words testify of Me that I Am from the Father . . . you think you have eternal life, but you don’t” (John 5:39).
10. Jesus teaches you how to pray.
“Ask in prayer and I will give it to you.  Seek for the things you need, for I supply those who seek.  When a door is closed for the things you need, you will constantly knock, for I will open and allow you to find” (Matt. 7:7-8).
11. Jesus wants a relationship with you.
“Mary sat at My feet listening to the things I said. But Martha was busy . . . so she complained . . . ‘It is unfair for Mary to listen to You when I’m doing all the work.’  I told her, ‘Mary has found the right thing'” (Luke 10:39-42).
12. Seeing Jesus moves you to worship.
“John saw Me, the Lamb, standing next to My Father’s throne . . . I took the scroll out of My Father’s hand. The four winged angels bowed to Me followed by 24 saints who also bowed . . . they poured out worship, praise of all believers, of all times . . . John looked again and heard the voices of thousands, and millions of angels sang in the mighty chorus . . . Your blood purchased salvation of all people, of every language, from every tribe, and from every nation” (Rev. 5:6-7, 12).
13. Let Jesus transform you.
“Now the Holy Spirit is working . . . in your life . . . to understand My truth . . . now you with unveiled faces, look to Me to see My brightness reflected in the mirror of the Word of God. Then you will constantly be transformed into My image by the work of the Holy Spirit” (2 Cor. 3:10).
“My Father loves everyone in the world so much that He gave Me, His only begotten Son to die for each of them. Now everyone who believes in Me will not perish, but have eternal life”
John 3:16
“Come to Me all who are tired and heavy burdened . . .”
Matthew 11:28