August 6, 2020


Read – 1 Samuel 16:14-23

What does it say?
After God’s Spirit left Saul, an evil spirit tormented him. When David played the harp, the music soothed Saul and the evil spirit left. David also served as Saul’s armor bearer.

What does it mean?
God often sets a plan in motion that does not come to fruition right away. David had been anointed king in Saul’s place, yet God sent him to serve Saul. Not only did David protect Saul in a physical sense as his armor bearer, he also protected him in a spiritual sense by playing his harp to ward off evil spirits. It would be years before David sat on the throne, and he would go through many hardships before he did so. But David remained humble and obedient to all God instructed him to do. He waited patiently on the Lord. Each step was part of his preparation to be Israel’s greatest king.

How should I respond?
We live in a fast-paced, “I want it now” culture. We expect everything to be done quickly and exactly how we want it. Sometimes, we even expect the same from God – wanting immediate answers to our prayers. What plan has God put in motion? Are you still waiting for Him to make it a reality? God has not forgotten. He will do all that He has promised. Like David, you may not understand how today fits into the big picture; but if you humbly obey what He’s given you to do – He will take care of the details. Take a moment to praise Him for what He is going to do as if He has already done it.