August 7, 2022


Read – Psalms 84, 85

What does it say?
The psalmist yearned to be in the house of the living God, who blesses those who trust in Him. He asked God to revive His people, show unfailing love, and grant salvation.

What does it mean?
Today’s psalms offer insight into how God’s people should respond to His character. Reading these chapters in reverse order offers an interesting perspective. The writer of Psalm 85 was profoundly grateful for God’s forgiveness, love, and faithfulness; but he also understood that God’s righteousness demanded judgment on sin. Restoration requires repentance. Now look back at Psalm 84. When God’s people lived to please Him instead of themselves, they had an intense desire to worship in His house. Praising God with other worshippers revived the psalmist’s spirit and gave him strength to trust the Lord. Responding in obedience to God’s righteous, holy character meant living under His blessing rather than under His wrath.

How should I respond?
Our society has reduced God to a handful of character traits like love, compassion, and kindness. It’s become culturally acceptable to create the kind of God you want to believe in as long as you’re tolerant of someone else’s view. However, that tolerance does not extend to those who have Judeo-Christian views. The problem with this philosophy is the unchanging character of God. He is just as holy and righteous today as He has ever been. Does your view of God include His whole character or just the traits that you find pleasant? Living in submission to who God truly is will give you a desire to please Him and praise Him with other believers. As you read the Bible, ask God to correct any misconceptions you may have about Him.