July 10, 2020


Read – Judges 18

What does it say?
The Danites pushed their way north, taking Micah’s priest, ephod, and household idols.

What does it mean?
Throughout the book of Judges, we see God’s people acting on the basis of their own logic and reasoning; this passage is no exception. The Danites grew impatient to inherit the land allotted to their tribe and decided to look elsewhere. The spies sent from the tribe sought God’s blessing on their mission after it was well underway rather than at the outset. The young priest who confirmed their plan was isolated from God’s people and serving in a house of idolatry. Though it seemed successful, their mission contradicted the Lord’s plan and resulted in establishing a center of idolatry for generations to come.

How should I respond?
God always has a plan. But disaster results any time we act on our own rather than wait for Him to clear the path. Isolation from God’s Word and God’s people can cause you to think that your plan is reasonable. Friends and family may even confirm the direction you are heading. So, how do you know whether you are moving in the direction the Lord desires for you? First, stay connected with Him through daily prayer and Bible reading. Follow God’s clear instructions in Scripture. Then, seek advice from others who are doing the same. Finally, be patient. God will open the right doors at the right time. With what situation do you need to trust the Lord today? His plan will result in His blessing.