July 11, 2022


Read – 1 Corinthians 4

What does it say?
Those who have been given a trust should prove to be faithful. Paul urged the Corinthians to follow his example.

What does it mean?
A steward is a trusted servant appointed to handle the master’s business matters in his absence. His job is to be faithful to the master. Each believer is a steward of whatever spiritual knowledge he or she may have. Since all such wisdom comes from God, what is there to brag about? The Corinthians mistakenly thought comfort and popularity were the result of being spiritual. Paul reminded them that such pride causes division, but true wisdom looks only to Christ. He talked to them like a parent who encourages a child to act like him in order to avoid danger.

How should I respond?
What truth from Scripture has God revealed to you? As a custodian of that truth, you’re responsible to make it a reality in your own life and share it with others. But be careful that your knowledge of spiritual things doesn’t become a source of pride. When you recognize God as the giver of all wisdom, power, and wealth, you’ll give glory back to Him rather than accept praise for yourself. How has God warned you regarding pride and stewardship, as Paul warned the Corinthians? God disciplines His children as an act of love. He doesn’t allow any sin to go unchecked.