July 12, 2020


Read – Judges 20

What does it say?
The death of the Levite’s concubine led to a three-day war between Israel and the Benjamites. God eventually gave victory to Israel, completely destroying Gibeah.

What does it mean?
The enraged men of Israel marched off to take out their vengeance on the Benjamites but didn’t ask for the Lord’s guidance until armies were mobilized for civil war. By this point in Israel’s history, people did whatever seemed right without consulting God. They had neglected to offer sacrifices that prompted daily repentance and worship of the Lord. At the root of the problem were willful, rebellious hearts that refused to bow to His authority. They didn’t think to pray, fast, or sacrifice to the Lord until they were in dire need.

How should I respond?
Living by our own wits will always result in a loss of some kind – either physical or spiritual. Still, how often do we fail to seek God’s direction until we’re backed into a corner? In a time of desperation, you may quickly attempt to catch up on asking the Lord’s forgiveness or upping your church attendance. While those things are good, examine the condition of your heart that put you in such a precarious position to start with. How would God describe your attitude toward Him today? Rebellious or obedient? Willful or submissive? The Lord is ready to offer daily comfort and guidance, but we must first recognize His sovereign right to be worshiped and obeyed.