July 13, 2022


Read – 1 Corinthians 6

What does it say?
Paul dealt with Christians who were taking fellow believers to court before pagan judges to settle petty matters. Paul also warned them to control their bodies in all areas.

What does it mean?
The Corinthians didn’t connect the salvation of their souls with their daily conduct. Followers of Christ should be capable of settling disputes in a godly way, without involving the judgment of people who don’t view life from a biblical perspective. Likewise, Christians shouldn’t be slaves to any power, not even their own bodies. They are to “flee sexual immorality.” Believers should live morally disciplined lives because their bodies have been purchased with the blood of Christ and are the temple of the Holy Spirit who gives power to overcome temptation.

How should I respond?
In what area do you lack self-control? You have freedom in Christ, but not all things are good for you. As a believer, your body is not your own – you are a member of Christ. From what do you need to flee? Have your entertainment choices this week honored or dishonored Jesus Christ? There should be a marked difference between your moral standards and those of people outside of Christ. How does knowing your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit affect the choices you’ll make today? Commit right now to honor God with everything you do.