July 16, 2022


Read – Psalms 73

What does it say?
Asaph was tempted to envy the prosperity of the wicked.

What does it mean?
Asaph was deeply troubled by the contrast he saw between the prosperity of the wicked and the problems of the righteous. In spite of their arrogance toward God and cruelty to others, godless people appeared to have few worries while enjoying health and wealth. His own life was plagued with problems and danger. He almost gave in to the temptation to envy their prosperity; then he remembered that God will judge the ungodly, but the righteous will be under His protection. Asaph’s godly life paid eternal benefits to his descendants, the musicians during Israel’s greatest revivals who led God’s people to worship when the temple foundation was laid (Ezra 3:10).

How should I respond?
God is just, and He pays attention to the lives we live. He is also the only true authority. Even when evil seems to go unpunished and ungodliness seems to rule supreme, we can rest assured that God is keeping accounts. The Ruler of all will be your refuge if you choose to rest in Him. If, however, you choose to resist Him, the Lord will become your opposition. Rest or resistance – which will you choose today? Will you find comfort in God’s authority instead of worrying about the prosperity of ungodly people? God is watching. He will not fail to bring justice or give eternal blessings for your obedience.